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Alexa Person
Alchemist of Light
Love Versus Fear
San Antonio
United States
Ascension: What You Can Do Now!

Alexa Person is an Alchemist of Light. Born “awake” and activated with clairvoyant gifts, Alexa has been guided and supported by a number of high-dimensional beings including, Archangel Metatron, Yeshua ben Yosef, Enoch, The Magdalen Order, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael and her ascended twin flame, Ahy .

Alexa is committed to shifting individuals into a higher alignment of their own Divine Male-Female frequency.

Embodying the Divine Feminine, Alexa acts as a conduit of healing by allowing her Guides to work through her. Based upon her client's needs, she calls upon a variety of professional modalities ranging from Akashic Records Consultation, Soul Retrieval, Channeling, Soul Reading and/or Energy Clearing.
Alexa specializes in the lost tradition of the sacred art of Ancient Alchemy. Through elemental healing, she empowers her clients to call back their power and experience the unity consciousness threshold between the alchemy of sacred elements and the Higher Self.

Alexa is committed to assisting in the peaceful awakening of the planet by ushering in the Light of Source. By transmuting the darkness with love and compassion, Alexa empowers others to do the same.

"Stay/remain in your Love energy. Show your heart without fear. This is the practice. Be not afraid to walk in the Light of Love.
Love energy is permanent without end. Unexpressed and unactualized Love stiffles its power. Remain in Love and all is possible."

I was drawn to be an author of Grace & Gratitude due to the powerful message these two words radiate.
If one lives from a place of gratitude, which is love and Oneness, it is impossible to be separate from anything. This teaching is the foundation of my practice, which also resonates within the pages of this book. We are ALL ONE.

Alexa holds a B.A. in Art History from SMU in Dallas and has produced award-winning films with her partners at Aristar Entertainment and Packin’ Heat Pictures. Alexa’s regular public speaking engagements include her work as a Contactee, a Medium and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant and Soul Retrieval Specialist. A committed philanthropist, Alexa has served on Boards of Directors and Special Committees in Texas for over fifteen years.