sailboat-459794_1280Recently, I was invited to give a “2 Minute Business Tip” at a women’s networking event. To my surprise, “Schooners, Orgasms and Lightning Strikes” came tumbling out of my mouth. Let me explain.

Schooners: Only about 1% of all boats are actually Schooners. They are elegant, historic, wooden vessels with distinct qualities that separate them from other boats. If you try to sail a Schooner like any other boat, you’ll never leave the dock, because a generic sailing approach just won’t work.

As I looked out at the audience, I realized the room was filled with Schooners – each a unique and elegant vessel. No two women in that room were physically the same on the outside, so why in the world would they think they were the same on the inside? They’re all snowflakes, I realized. If that’s the case, then why would they even begin to think that a one-size-fits-all approach to sales and marketing would work for them? Yet, that’s what’s being dished up in the marketplace everywhere you look. That’s like trying to sail a Schooner as though it’s a “Sloop” – they are each unique and require different approaches. The point here is: take all the “expert” advice you’re hearing, and make sure you’re mapping it to your unique inner coding (and if you don’t know what that is – and very few of you do – then honestly, contact me here because I’ll help you uncover it, it will revolutionize your business/life, and yes, I’m sure).

Orgasms: Many of you have read about my journey with my “Divine Shaman Lover”. The point is not the juicy details of my wild ride, but rather the lesson gleaned from it: that we need to approach business and life from a “what feels best” perspective. No, that’s not hippy-dippy speak; it’s real. If you’re not enjoying your business (and I wasn’t a year ago, so I pulled the plug on it dramatically), then you’re probably pushing too hard, overthinking things, and have gotten away from the flow of life. Let’s face it: the “Just do it!” culture is dead; you can’t achieve satisfaction and fulfillment (let alone orgasm) by over working and doing more of what doesn’t work. Relaxing, releasing, and allowing life/biz to unfold is the only way.

Lightning Strikes. Shockingly, my partner (yes, the Divine Shaman Lover just mentioned) was struck by lightning last summer while on his boat (yup, you guessed it, a Schooner). In a sudden violent storm, the boat spun, the mast glowed, his body jolted, and the wind was knocked right out of him. After recovering, he called me right away, obviously disoriented (did I mention we’d broken up ‘for good’ earlier that week?). All kinds of ‘Truths’ started pouring out of him (including “We need to get back together, I’m not sure why, but please consider it…” which I did, thank goodness.) Since then, we’ve realized we’ve been doing things backwards in so many areas of life/biz. So, take a look at what’s NOT working in your life – a relationship, a business model, etc. – and consider flipping it on its head. Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it,” so do yourself a favor and smack yourself upside the head (sans lightning, I hope) and be open up to novel ways to approach your life/business.

Honestly, if you’re not creating the results you want in your business/life, you deserve more. Plus the world needs you – a bright, talented woman – to thrive. I’ve spent years following expert gurus, overworking, yet still felt unfulfilled both in the bedroom and the boardroom.

To a year filled with schooners, orgasms & “lightning strikes”!,

Peace & blessings,