intentionsettingMy partner and I follow an (almost) daily practice which has been incredibly powerful and has produced phenomenal results. Each morning, we take turns stating our intentions out loud to each other. After saying each one, we then pause and listen for those “helpful” voices inside our heads that  recite for us the 1000 reasons why we can’t possibly succeed at what we just declared.

It’s hilarious. And here’s the catch: after we say those silly thoughts, we actually we make fun of them. Here’s how it sounds:

Intention: “My body is strong and healthy.”

Voice: “Yeah right…have you seen what you ate last night!?”

Intention: “My body is strong and healthy.”

Voice: “Are you sure? Cuz last time I looked it wasn’t!”

Intention: “My body is strong and healthy” …

You get the idea.

We continue the process until the voices have worn themselves out, like tantrumming toddlers who pass out after a fit. The reason this process works is because “that which you resist persists” – so giving airtime to the negative chatter actually helps to release it. And once you release it, you have space in your head and your life to create what you REALLY want.

The process takes a little time, but that pales in comparison to the amount of time most people spend on negative chatter inside their own heads. Studies say that, on average, 80% of your daily thoughts are negative. EIGHTY PERCENT. Imagine starting your day with CLEAR energy, FOCUSED intentions, and an UNSTOPPABLE spirit. I guarantee that using this practice, you’ll not only get 10x more done, you’ll feel on top of the world.

Do you have a morning ritual?