woman-865021_1280Now more than ever it’s clear to me that the Dalai Lama was spot on: “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Not that the world needs “saving,” but I do believe a big dose of feminine power is overdue to balance out the decades (if not centuries) of powerful, productive male energy. A balance – that’s what we need to truly create a world that “works for all.”

And so I ask you: where are you playing smaller than you could? Now, please know: I am not asking you to DO more – goodness, women don’t need to THAT. However, where are you BEING small in your business and your life? Are you afraid to reach out to a potential partner or client? Are your goals too small for your unlimited Spirit? We women, the research shows, are far more likely to suffer from a lack of confidence and limited thinking than our male counterparts.

I invite you to BE (not do) BIGGER as you review 2016 and gear up for this next year. I invite you to harness your “silent business partner” – Spirit/God/the Universe – as you chart out your next phase so that you more effortlessly create the money and impact you’re meant to enjoy.

And please…take this time to rest and rejuvenate….because 1. You deserve it and
2. 2017 holds incredible miracles for you.

Peace & blessings,


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